Saturday October 12 2013
Allegri: 'Players must set example'

Milan Coach Max Allegri reminded players they have to “set an example” with more than just exotic hairstyles.

“Players shouldn’t just set an example by having mohican hairstyles or wearing three earrings,” said Allegri at an event educating children in schools about the risks of cancer.

“They have to realise the responsibility that rests on their shoulders and send positive messages to the youngsters who watch how they behave on television.

“From the outside players might look like grown men, but they are just lads who need to be guided. Like every youngster, they make mistakes.

“When I see a player smoking, I immediately tell him to stop. If they are eating unhealthily, I send them to the doctor. As for sex, it’s important they use protection.

“In life nobody is a saint, but I can say I’ve been fortunate to not smoke, I don’t like alcohol and I am careful about my nutrition.”

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