Tuesday November 19 2013
Palermo player gets historic ban

Palermo defender Sinisa Andelkovic has been suspended using video evidence, a first in Italian football.

Andelkovic has been handed a one-match Serie B ban after the Disciplinary Commission viewed footage of him using his hand to perform a goalline clearance on David Di Michele’s shot.

He was penalised on the basis of breaking the “elemental principles of sporting fair play.”

The reason this is new for Italian football is that the referee viewed the incident and awarded a corner, therefore noting he had cleared the ball.

Usually this would forbid the use of video evidence, as the incident had already been evaluated during the match situation by the officials.

Palermo have lodged an appeal against the ban, insisting the handling offence was “much less serious than the ruling made by the Disciplinary Commission with no specific precedent, forcing the application of a rule to its limits.”

If this does indeed set a precedent, it will open the door to more action taken using video evidence even after the referee has viewed and evaluated the incident during the match.

However, it can only be used if there is “gravely anti-sporting conduct.”

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