Saturday November 30 2013
Luci thanks Livorno ultras

Livorno captain Andrea Luci thanked fans for raising €15,000, but “it’s tough” to focus on football when his son is ill.

The midfielder announced last week that his six-year-old son had been diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a genetic condition that solidifies his joints.

Since revealing the news, Livorno ultras have raised €15,138 to help research into the condition.

“The money raised will go to researchers, including Doctor Avallazzo in Italy, who is helping me a great deal,” Luci told Radio Deejay and La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“This gesture from the fans filled me with joy and made me even prouder to wear the Amaranto jersey. I want to thank all the guys from the Curva Nord who raised funds and the sports fans of Livorno who showed great heart to contribute.

“It has been tough. I am a professional and have to isolate myself from the voices and thoughts outside the pitch, but this is a recurring and constant thought.

“As much as I try, I cannot forget it.”