Tuesday February 18 2014
Montella: We must accept critics

Vincenzo Montella has refused to take sides between Antonio Conte and Fabio Capello, but offers that Coaches ‘must accept the criticism’.

Juventus Coach Conte pulled focus this weekend for his post-match tirade at former Bianconero boss Capello, for the veteran’s assertion that Juventus are only strong because Serie A is weak.

One of Conte’s current adversaries in the Fiorentina Coach was asked of the situation and whether he agreed with the response taken.

“I believe that communication is important and that everything must be placed within context,” considered Montella on RaiSport this week.

“You should not focus on just one thing. I understand that there is adrenaline and stress post-match, but the tones are a little raised.

“In our profession we must also accept the criticism, though it does depend on how it is said. It is necessary to accept everything, although sometimes it bothers you and you do want to remove that pebble from your shoe. Yet it is important to stay within the limits.

“Is Capello right about Serie A? For me, our League is a lot harder than others, for defensive and tactical aspects, whilst Juventus can have a harder time trying to beat Chievo and Catania, who are bottom of the League, as opposed to what can happen in other Leagues.

“Well, in some cases I agree with Capello and in others with Conte.”

Montella has led Fiorentina to the Coppa Italia Final this season and is currently in the fight for Champions League qualification, but says he isn’t set to choose between which success to prioritise.

“Winning in general always brings with it emotion. But I am not able to choose. Between now and the Coppa Italia Final there are still two months, and then there’s the Europa League, both are competitions that we value a lot.

“It could be that we waste energy or lose some players like has happened, so I cannot and will not choose.

“Fiorentina in the past have achieved some important results, reaching the semi-finals in the Europa League and finishing fourth in the League in recent years.

“Perhaps our size is this, but just look at our revenue to grasp the differences with Juventus, Inter, Milan, Napoli and Roma, all with revenue higher than us.”