Monday March 10 2014
Reina wants American adventure

Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina says he would like to experience different footballing cultures in the future, including possibly moving to America.

The 31-year-old shot-stopper is on loan at the Azzurri from Liverpool for the season but did not rule out making the move permanent.

“I would like to try to do something different in the future,” Reina told Diario de la Roja. “Maybe America or something like that.

“My idea is to have three or four good years somewhere and then after that go somewhere else for a couple more years.

“I think I have five or six years left.

“Nothing has been confirmed yet but I’ve got the feeling that Napoli are happy with me and I think they will talk to Liverpool to see what the situation is.

“It would be hard for me to go back to England.

“Liverpool have signed a 26-year-old goalkeeper, they have got rid of me for economic reasons apparently and it is difficult to see that situation changing.”

The Roja international then discussed life in southern Italy.

“Napoli have given me an interesting project, a new project, a distinct freshness. It’s like almost being back to square one again.

“I have returned to having fun, with a Coach with whom I love to work, every day is much easier than it was before. I am happy, I am very well adapted and so is my family.

“The affection of the people is awesome. And then there’s a life which is quite different to Liverpool. In Liverpool we did much at home.

“Here we go out a lot more because the weather allows that. There are more opportunities to do things.

“Napoli fits in with my character? Yes, yes. My way of being, of living, of thinking, I identify with the way the Neapolitans are.”

 The former Barcelona keeper was then asked about the Serie A title race.

“We will fight to the end to finish second and to qualify directly into the Champions League.

“We have reached the Coppa Italia Final, which is not easy, we are in the Europa League after a wonderful Champions League in which we exited with 12 points.

“We are there and are going to fight until the end, for sure.”

Finally, Reina was asked whether Spain’s victory last week over Italy proof that they have turned a corner against the Azzurri after historically struggling against them?’

“Since 2008, yes. That was when we broke at least the psychological barrier for Spain, in the quarter-finals [of Euro 2008]. They are a team that has recently done well against us, whilst they remain Italy, a competitive team who know very well how to play. Although the 2012 European Championship went as it did, in the group phase and in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup we saw a different Italy, with a system that really hurt us. They are still an uncomfortable opponent.

“Do those like Italy motivate us? Every game you play with the national team is a special motivation. But if you play well against Italy, Brazil, Germany…honestly it is not the same.

“But, when you wear the shirt you always give 100 per cent and every game is important and every game counts.

“The moment the motivation ceases with the national team, then we will be in difficulty.”

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