Monday April 21 2014
Blatter against TV replays

Sepp Blatter has made clear his position on the continued debate of further help for referees with television replays.

The debate this term has centred in Italy on whether or not match officials need a greater level of assistance from live TV pictures to determine particular in-game decisions.

Whilst a number of the League’s Coaches are in favour, the FIFA President is not.

“I am fiercely conservative and that is why I do not want it,” Blatter has explained this week to Bein Sport.

“Replays during a game would change the flow of play. The greatness of the game is in playing 90 minutes without stoppages and in play you have to live with human errors. The play is human.”

Blatter was also asked about the seven workers in Brazil to have died so far during construction of the stadiums that this summer will host the World Cup.

“The organisation of the work has been poor, those deaths have not been caused by football. It is because this is new infrastructure and they have been overwhelmed by the number of workers.

“We must also ask for liability from the major European companies working there, because they are responsible for their workers.”

The President also considered once more the debate over moving the 2022 World Cup from the summer to the winter, to avoid high temperatures in Qatar.

“The best date would be at the end of the year, you have to be realistic. For me it would have to change, because you cannot play there in the summer, even as Qatar would like that, but in the winter.”