Saturday April 26 2014
Boban: 'Balotelli shameful'

Zvonimir Boban reiterated Mario Balotelli’s performance was “shameful,” he “lacks self-criticism” and Milan need Silvio Berlusconi.

Ex-Rossoneri star Boban was one of the Sky Sport Italia pundits who Balotelli insulted in last night’s live TV interview.

“The fact is 99.9 per cent of people have the same opinion of Balotelli as Giancarlo Marocchi, Christian Panucci and me,” Boban told Radio Deejay.

“It’s a shame, he is a good guy, but he lacks self-criticism. He will go along his path as always. We are paid to talk, but he doesn’t seem to understand these situations.

“His performance against Roma was shameful. He just walked around the pitch annoying all his teammates.”

Milan have been criticised for sending Balotelli to the media zone after his irritable reaction to a substitution, but Boban sees it as a sign of some deeper problem.

“It was a decision by Milan to move the spotlight off Clarence Seedorf and his comments. There is no logic in the way this club is run, there is too much confusion and they need the return of President Berlusconi.”

Last night Boban spoke to Seedorf in another interview and the Coach appeared to agree the club isn’t as solid as in their playing days.

“I can’t speak for the club, so these are questions for Mr Galliani to explain. I know my contractual position,” said Seedorf when asked if he felt abandoned by the club.

“We are accustomed to Milan making the difference as a club in these matters, but we all know at this time Milan are going through a tough time and it’s a transitional period.

“I was called to help Milan and I will continue as long as I am needed.”

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