Sunday May 11 2014
Livorno fans insult Rossi

Giuseppe Rossi’s girlfriend hit back at Livorno fans after they insulted the Fiorentina and Italy striker.

The forward made his comeback last week, five months after damaging knee ligaments in another game against Livorno on January 5.

His place at the World Cup remains at risk because of the long lay-off, which was caused by a Leandro Rinaudo tackle.

During today’s 1-0 home defeat to Fiorentina, Livorno fans chanted insults aimed at Rossi.

They urged Rinaudo to ‘snap his legs’ and warned Pepito would ‘go to Brazil in a wheelchair.’

Rossi’s girlfriend reacted angrily on Twitter, writing “I hate Livorno fans” and “Have fun in Serie B.”

Livorno were relegated today after that defeat to the Viola.