Sunday May 11 2014
Conte: 'I'd evaluate projects'

Antonio Conte said he will “clarify” his Juventus position and then potentially “evaluate other projects that intrigue me.”

The Coach spoke to Sky Sport Italia after a 1-0 victory away to Roma, which took them to 99 points.

“We certainly have a lot to celebrate, as this is an incredible campaign. We’ve beaten Roberto Mancini’s Inter record of Serie A points and it will be tough for anyone to match.

“We’ve beaten our direct antagonists on their home turf, a splendid Roma side that kept us alive with the right fear and respect throughout the season. Only a great Juve could’ve maintained this tempo and we’re proud to have done it.

“Juventus are coming off a three-year winning era, which is historic, and I am very proud to be the Coach of these splendid players.

“Not even if my wildest dreams did I expect this the moment I sat on the Juventus bench for the first time. We broke all the records and there’s one more game to go.

“The team is still alive and kicking despite a few nights out recently...”

Conte has refused to commit his future to Juventus and was asked directly why he’d want to leave Turin.

“I repeat, these three years have been fantastic and I asked so much from these players, who gave me everything I wanted.

“These things go in cycles and I’ve already told the club what I think. We will soon clarify the situation. I give everything each year to every club I have worked for, as it’s part of my character. I am passionate about this sport, want to learn and grow day by day.

“It is extremely difficult to do better than what we’ve achieved in three years, for us and for the teams who follow us.

“In Europe I believe Juventus are worth at least top eight in the Champions League and top four in the Europa League. I don’t sell false hope to fans, as I am a realist and need to point out it’s very difficult to do better than that.

“We have to see if it’s possible to do better than this. I have some doubts on that.”

Conte has been linked with Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain, but confirmed he’s unlikely to take a year off.

“There will be clarity over my position at Juventus over the next few days. I generally don’t agree with a Sabbatical, but if there was a unity of ideas to leave with great affection and respect, then I would evaluate other projects that intrigue me.

“Obviously, if I don’t have any offers that interest me then I’d stay home, but after two or three months I’d start driving my family crazy!”

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