Sunday June 15 2014
Sirigu: 'Buffon helped me'

Salvatore Sirigu reveals Gigi Buffon “reassured” him before his World Cup debut against England.

The Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper had only played one competitive match for Italy before this, but put in a great performance for the 2-1 victory in Manaus after Buffon’s sudden injury.

“I had a calm evening, then on the morning of the game I found out that Buffon was injured,” Sirigu told Sky Sport Italia.

“I received a few phone calls and realised it was becoming something really serious. We have a strong and wonderful group that gives you strength even off the field. This is important, as it can be the key to going forward.

“I didn’t know what to say to Buffon, as these are difficult situations, because I was happy to play and at the same time disappointed for him.

“He told me that he was pleased it wasn’t a serious injury and also content I was going to be the one replacing him. That reassured me.”