Wednesday July 2 2014
Russian MPs slam 'thief' Capello

Fabio Capello was called a “thief” and urged to appear before Parliament after Russia’s early World Cup exit.

The Coach and his assistant Christian Panucci failed to steer Russia out of the group phase, finishing behind Belgium and Algeria, just one point above South Korea.

Now politicians are asking for Capello to appear before the Russian Parliament to explain this failure, a request that Igor Ananskikh – head of the State Duma’s Sports Committee – seems inclined to support.

“We need to look into his work and ask him to resign,” MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky was quoted in the Russian Press.

“But he’s greedy, so of course he won’t. It’s pretty good to get millions for doing nothing.

“The team lost and it doesn’t affect his pay in any way. Thief!

“Even the way he looks makes it hard to like him. He looks like a schoolteacher.”

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party is certainly no stranger to controversy or outlandish public statements.

He had support from fellow MP Oleg Pakholkov, who said Capello “knew very well he would achieve nothing with our team, but simply decided it was a good way to make money.

“He wanted to Hoover up bundles of cash for his retirement.”

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