Sunday August 3 2014
De Rossi: 'Tavecchio must resign'

Roma star Daniele De Rossi said Italian football can’t fight racism if Carlo Tavecchio isn’t made to resign.

The FIGC Presidential candidate is refusing to back down and continues to have the majority of the support from clubs in Serie A, B and Lega Pro over a week after making racist comments in a speech.

“I do not judge the man, because he said he is not a racist and I’m sure that’s true,” Roma midfielder De Rossi told reporters.

“But the words Tavecchio used are very serious. In America, in France or in England, you are made to resign the day after for stuff like this.

“In Italy, even in much more important places than the FIGC, people never resign. This is how the country works and it’s something we need to reflect on.

“Now we are going towards a difficult season, because if for example I have an argument with a black player and I tell him he ‘eats bananas’ – I can just say ‘it was a gaffe and you can’t punish me.’ This is the message we are sending out if we vote in Tavecchio.”

Many clubs, including Milan and Lazio, continue to support Tavecchio and insisted his comments were only “an unfortunate phrase.”

However, several others including Fiorentina, Sassuolo, Cagliari, Sampdoria, Empoli and Cesena, have withdrawn their backing.

Juventus and Roma are the only two Serie A clubs who never supported Tavecchio, preferring rival candidate Demetrio Albertini.