Sunday August 10 2014
Cairo: 'Lotito tutoring Tavecchio'

The FIGC election controversy continues as Urbano Cairo of Torino accused Claudio Lotito of “tutoring” Carlo Tavecchio.

The election is due for Monday, but nine Serie A clubs signed an open letter declaring they’d support neither of the two candidates: Tavecchio and Demetrio Albertini.

Tavecchio still has enough support to win, despite losing several clubs along the way due to racist comments.

This weekend Lazio President Lotito – a staunch Tavecchio supporter – said there was a media campaign to “kill” his candidacy.

“Speaking of a media killing seems totally inappropriate. A killer is not someone who expresses a different position to that of Lotito,” replied Torino President Cairo.

“I don’t understand why Lotito has to work so hard tutoring Tavecchio. Surely he can defend himself. This is just making Tavecchio seem even less reliable.

“If Lotito wanted to be elected vice-President? It would be a conflict of interests.”

The nine Serie A clubs against both candidates are Juventus, Roma, Fiorentina, Torino, Sampdoria, Sassuolo, Cagliari, Empoli and Cesena.

Lazio, Milan, Parma and Palermo are very strong supporters of Tavecchio, while the others have remained largely silent on the entire situation.

If they fail to elect a new President on Monday, it’s possible the FIGC will be put under the administration of the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee).