Friday August 15 2014
Buffon: No contract problems

Gigi Buffon says there are no problems with Juventus over contract negotiations, nor issues to see between Max Allegri and Andrea Pirlo.

The goalkeeper’s current deal with the Old Lady expires in June 2015, but it is believed that he is in continued negotiations over an extension.

Talking to Tuttosport on the matter, the 36-year-old admitted that a year-by-year renewal is up for consideration.

“Sure. It is a form of respect for the club but also for me,” Buffon has responded in a lengthy interview released today.

“There will be no problems. Contracts for life have already been signed in the past. I am 36. And when one looks back on a career like mine, they should have sensitivity and respect for its history.

“I have already had 14 seasons at Juve. So it would be doubly nice to continue to move forward together, truly if the club will agree.

“Between us we have created such a relationship of mutual trust that no problems will come from it.

“The problems, if any, will arise when I no longer reach a certain level of performance.”

Buffon was asked if he has considered moving into management once he retires from playing.

“Now it is stupid and foolish to talk of this. The first thing I will do when I quit playing is dedicate time to myself.

“That is to further my studies - for my training and for future work. Sometimes I cannot wait to retire, so great is the urgency I feel inside. An urgency of life.

“Of course, for now I am happy to defer this question, because I have a more important mission to fulfil. That is to honour my career and my commitment to Juve…”

Juve and Italy’s captain, who also considered Antonio Conte’s appointment as Italy Coach and Massimiliano Allegri’s adaptation with the Bianconeri, was asked about the latter’s relationship with Andrea Pirlo.

“They are always laughing and joking? And how. We see it all. They are always in great harmony. It’s true, they are often joking. Without hesitation, without malice.

“They are two very smart people. Maybe at a certain point in their careers they had different ideas. Some differences.

“And that may be so. But then things go on. They understand situations. There is no problem, in short.”

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