Saturday August 16 2014
Pirlo: 'MLS after Juventus'

Andrea Pirlo is happy in Serie A, but after “two more years with Juventus maybe I’ll move to the United States.”

Ahead of today’s friendly game in Singapore, the midfielder spoke to Today online about why he spent his entire career in Italy.

“Why should I move? Serie A is a top-level league and life in Italy is comfortable,” said Pirlo.

“Two more years with Juventus, then maybe I will move to the MLS in the United States.”

This fits with his current contract status, as the deal with Juve expires in June 2016.

The veteran was welcomed as a hero by Brazilian fans at the World Cup, but modestly suggests he didn’t work that hard to achieve this level.

“I don’t know. Maybe I was born lucky. Mother Nature has made me such and given me the skills and the talent to succeed, and I am grateful for that.”

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