Saturday May 16 2015
Materazzi-Sacchi row over Inter 'disgrace'

Marco Materazzi hit back at Arrigo Sacchi, as the ex-Milan boss called Inter’s Treble-winning team “a disgrace.”

Sacchi made the comments when asked about the possibility Juventus will win the Treble this season.

“It’s true Inter won the Champions League, but that team barely had a single Italian, so this is a disgrace,” said Sacchi at a book presentation in Turin.

“In Italy we’re prepared to sell our souls to the Devil just to win… In other countries, and I include Real Madrid who have the most expensive and prestigious champions, they want players from their own country.

“In Italy, we are usually content ‘just’ to win.”

Materazzi was in that Treble-winning Inter side and today hit back at Sacchi’s vicious criticism.

“I have to wonder whether Sacchi’s Milan would’ve won everything if the team didn’t have the Dutch players.”

Il Grande Milan remains the last side to win back to back European Cups, but had among its stars Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard.

At that time in the late 1980s, Serie A had strict limits on foreign imports, as each club was allowed only three non-Italian players.

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