Tuesday September 22 2015
Balotelli: 'Defenders provoke me'

Mario Balotelli said Milan are “a group of fighters” and mocked Udinese defenders who “tried to provoke me.”

The striker curled in a splendid free kick during their 3-2 victory at the Stadio Friuli, his first start since moving on loan from Liverpool.

“We were winning 3-0 and got distracted, so we really can’t end up 3-2 in that situation,” SuperMario told Mediaset Premium.

“We are a group of fighters and we fought to the end, bringing home a difficult but important result. We conceded two stupid goals, but kept fighting and for that I compliment my teammates.

“I worked for the team, as I always do. It was a difficult game for me, because I knew they were trying to provoke me. I got a booking that ruined my night a bit, but I am nonetheless happy with my performance.

“I am slowly getting a few chips off my shoulder, because in recent years between Italy and England they said so much, but I stayed in silence.

“Defenders provoke me? Either they get a yellow card or my leg, but they’re not going to get the ball.

“In the locker room and in my life I am a completely different person to the one that has been described.”