Wednesday December 23 2015
Zoff: 'I saw Bearzot'

Italy legend Dino Zoff thought he was going to die after being hospitalised with a viral infection. “It was my most important save.”

The 1982 World Cup winner spent several weeks in a clinic, but has been sent home and spoke to

“For the first time in my life, I was actually afraid,” confessed the former goalkeeper, Coach and club President.

“It was even scarier than when I was a child in Friuli and the bombs came down during the war. At the age of two you don’t entirely realise what’s going on, but at 72 you understand all too well.

“When I say scared, I wasn’t afraid for myself, but for those around me. My wife, my son, my grandchildren. My tribe, basically. I would’ve really hurt them by leaving.

“I rebelled, mentally, against that destiny. You know, the human brain and mentality can achieve miracles. The rest was done by the medics who identified that damned virus that was paralyzing me before it reached my heart. The heart would not have held out.

“Fortunately, it is in the past now and it was the most important save of my life.

“One night I saw two figures at the end of my bed. They had the faces of Gaetano Scirea and il Vecio (Enzo Bearzot). They were both smiling. I wasn’t asleep, it wasn’t a dream. I told them: ‘Not yet, not now.’ And I am still here.”

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