Monday December 28 2015
Del Piero: 'Coaching? Maybe'

Juventus icon Alessandro Del Piero says he has 'no plans yet' to become a Coach as he evaluates this Serie A season.

The former Bianconeri captain has been touted for a return to Serie A in a different role, and in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport he admitted he was open to the possibility.

“Before going abroad I'd have said that coaching didn't interest me,” he confessed. “Then I came in touch with other dimensions of the world in which I always lived.

“My experiences have opened my mind to football's many forms. Having said that, I don't plan on taking a coaching course as of yet. I look around, I keep myself informed, I have fun.”

Juventus will be up against a powerful side in Bayern Munich for the Champions League's round of the last sixteen. The two rounds will be played on February 23 and March 16.

“It's a bit early now to give advice. In two months a whole lot of things can change.

“For many reasons it may be preferable to meet a team like Bayern Munich in this round rather than later.

“Juventus have the potential to do very well against the Germans when they're playing at home. The stadium and the fans have their value and can give the team an extra boost.”

Pinturicchio then went on to discuss the race for the Scudetto.

“That ancient duel, between Juventus and Inter, is beginning to emerge. But I wouldn't forget the other teams that are still competing.

“Roma have the potential to challenge for the title, they did well against Napoli in a difficult moment. They had a tumble in the Coppa Italia but they got back up in the championship.

“Napoli play the best football alongside Roma. Fiorentina need to confirm themselves, but in terms of quality there's no doubt that they are a reality to contend with.

“So far they've been able to surprise. We'll see what happens on the long run. In any case there are too many contenders to reduce the title-fight to Inter and Juventus.”