Sunday February 14 2016
Galliani: 'Nocerino out, Vangioni in'

Milan CEO Adriano Galliani confirmed Antonio Nocerino will join Orlando City, Luiz Adriano won’t leave and Leonel Vangioni arrives in July.

“Tomorrow we will terminate our rapport with Nocerino, who will go to play in Orlando,” Galliani told Mediaset Premium.

“With that move, our transfer activity will be finished for this session.”

That was an implication that Luiz Adriano will not be sold to a Chinese club.

“Football has changed so much, until a few years ago nobody went to China or the United States. The sport is becoming more globalised.

“We are doing well with our young players. With Nocerino leaving, we will add Locatelli to the senior squad from tomorrow.

“Vangioni will arrive from River Plate in July, as he had his medical this week with permission from River and from July 1 he will be a free agent.

“Emanuel Mammana? A very good player, but I won’t talk about him because his contract with River is not due to expire.

“For the same reason I won’t talk about Franco Vazquez, otherwise (Palermo President Maurizio) Zamparini will tell me off.”