Sunday February 21 2016
Berlusconi: 'Miha must convince me'

Milan President Silvio Berlusconi is “unconvinced” by Sinisa Mihajlovic and made another gaffe about Mario Balotelli.

The patron was at the Milanello training ground to celebrate his 30 years in charge of the club.

“We’re old now, aren’t we?” Berlusconi smiled alongside CEO Adriano Galliani.

“Yet we had courage when we decided to take everyone on a spiritual retreat on July 1 1987 in Pomerio and over two days I said we’d win the Scudetto, Champions League and Intercontinental Cup.”

The Rossoneri failed to qualify for Europe for the last two seasons, but despite currently climbing back into fifth place, Berlusconi continues to launch sideswipes at his Coach.

“What does Mihajlovic have to do to convince me? Win every game from now to the end of the season. If he wins them all, then I’ll be easily convinced.”

Berlusconi also spoke to Sky Sport Italia about the management situation and did not hold back despite it being Mihajlovic’s birthday.

“Mihajlovic now has to convince the Rossoneri fans, the club and myself. He has just one way of achieving that, which is to win every game from here to the end.

“I am not the only one who isn’t convinced, because I never just make personal decisions, I always share them with everyone.

“Therefore in the club I share them above all with Galliani, then with many other Coaches who have been at Milan for many years and I have a very sincere rapport with.

“I also get information from the fans if I get a taxi. You know taxi drivers are great football experts.”

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Berlusconi was also caught in another gaffe about Balotelli.

“My dream is to have an all-Italian Milan. We’ve got many young Italians here at the moment. That includes Balotelli, who has taken too much sun, but is still Italian.

“I’d gladly cut off his hair, though. I’ve seen him take some extraordinary shots in training and his ball control is exceptional. I always tell him he doesn’t take the right position. I ask him why are you always playing in our half?”

The ‘joke’ is not new for Berlusconi, who famously complimented US President Barack Obama for his “tan.”