Saturday March 19 2016
Sabatini: 'I'm leaving Roma'

Roma director Walter Sabatini confirmed he’ll leave the club on June 30, but isn’t sure on Chelsea. “I speak terrible English!”

The director of sport spoke to Mediaset Premium ahead of tonight’s showdown with Inter. Follow the action on our LIVEBLOG.

“Fiorentina are in the running for third place too, so it’s not right to call this evening a Final. There is a long road ahead of us.

“There’s no mystery around my future. I asked (President James) Pallotta to rescind my contract on June 30 and he accepted.

“This is a marginal issue compared to what the team is doing, though. Luciano Spalletti is doing something extraordinary, forging the concept of a team based on behaviour and not words, convincing the players to create a competitive unit.

“He worked not just on a daily basis, without alibis and controversy, to unite everyone around a single idea of football.”

Sabatini had already been linked with a move to Chelsea to join Antonio Conte’s staff.

“Will I be heading to London? No, I speak terrible English!”

The director was also asked if there was a deadline for the Francesco Totti situation to be resolved, as the captain wants to continue playing and Pallotta urged him to retire before he turns 40.

“If there is a deadline, then the issue will be faced over the next few days and clarified definitively.”