Friday June 24 2016
Schillaci: 'Insigne strong, but...'

Italy veteran Toto Schillaci says Lorenzo Insigne is 'fantastic', but not likely to play as he doesn't fit in Antonio Conte's system.

The diminutive striker who led the Azzurri to the semi-finals of the 1990 World Cup may recognise himself in the equally featherweight Napoli striker.

Insigne only played a few minutes at the end of Italy-Ireland in Euro 2016 so far, but apparently he is already one of the team's most beloved individuals.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that he is now the fan-favourite on social media, and that many are clamouring for him to start against Spain.

“Insigne is excellent, but Conte has a type of team in his mind and he must have his reasons for using him so little,” said Schillaci to CalcioNapoli24.

“In whose place should he play? It depends on the formation. In this particular Italy I wouldn't see him as a supporting striker. Rather I'd have him on the wing, where [Antonio] Candreva plays, or in the position of [Emanuele] Giaccherini.

“But how can you bench someone like Candreva? And the same holds true for Giaccherini, who's been doing extremely well.

“He can still give an extraordinary contribution as an extra man though. He can reverse matches mid-flow.”