Tuesday August 23 2016
Sheva: 'Bacca must do more'

Andriy Shevchenko thinks Carlos Bacca can be 'essential' for Milan: 'But he must learn to work for the team'.

The Colombian seemed set to leave the Rossoneri this summer, but his dazzling start to the season, inclusive of a hat-trick against Torino, suggests he may end up staying put.

“It's quite the advantage for a club to have a striker who can resolve matches for you,” said Shevchenko, in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. “After a few off seasons there's still a lot to be rebuilt, and having someone in your squad who scores easily can be essential for a Coach.

“But Bacca has to do more, read collective situations better, improve in his teamwork. This is the only way that he can enjoy another leap ahead in quality.

“Anyway, he's a striker I like a lot, and I appreciated him in the past season too. He's good at attacking spaces, strong in the box and he has an instinct for the goal. He's fast and strong.”

Bacca may have trouble dealing with the responsibility, if all of Milan's attack has to stand on his shoulders.

“I don't know, maybe nowadays wearing the Milan shirt is less burdensome than in the past. It used to be that you joined a team full of champions who were playing for many titles, so maybe you could be a bit intimidated.

“Now that's no longer the case, although rebuilding and restarting is a tough business, for the strikers no less than for every other player. Bacca came from Spain last year and he was already a mature player.

“Comparisons with other strikers? He must win before he can be compared to anyone. It's early yet, and these associations are always a bit annoying.

“Bacca still lacks continuity. His qualities are good and he started off the season well with a new Coach, but continuity is a necessary thing if you want to do well in football, along with an ability to help the team.”

Finally, the current Coach of the Ukraine national side was asked what he thought about Milan's new Chinese ownership.

“I don't think anything. Like everyone else, I'm waiting to see what's going to happen. Berlusconi was the heart of the club for many years, and the symbol of a successful style of football.

“I'm curious to see what's going to happen in the next few seasons, as is anyone who loves Milan.”

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