Tuesday August 23 2016
Milan: 'Awaiting Romagnoli offer'

The official Milan television channel stated today that Chelsea could make a formal offer for Alessio Romagnoli and it might be considered.

There have been reports that Antonio Conte’s club are targeting the Italy Under-21 international centre-back for €35m, but that the proposal was rejected.

This evening Milan TV used their news programme to respond to the reports and sent mixed messages.

They noted it was possible a formal offer for Chelsea would arrive tomorrow and that Milan do not want to sell.

However, the same channel also pointed out that if the offer was very high, then Silvio Berlusconi’s company Fininvest would discuss it with the Chinese group taking over.

They would then decide in conjunction on whether to accept.

The club is in the middle of a takeover by Chinese investors, but as that won’t be complete until November at the earliest, all big transfer decisions have to be agreed by both the current and future owners.