Tuesday October 4 2016
Maldini: 'No Milan agreement'

Paolo Maldini confirms he does “not agree with the role proposed, but I am ready to say yes if Milan present a serious project.”

The Rossoneri legend has been in negotiations with the Chinese group set to take over the club.

He was offered a position with the club of technical director, but was reportedly hesitant.

“My name is mentioned a bit too often, sometimes with false or unverifiable stories,” Maldini told Sky Sport Italia this evening.

“It’s true I met Fassone and Mirabelli at my home, I was told the objective was to take Milan back to being one of the top clubs in the world within five years.

“My history as a man and a Milan player forces me to understand deep down the ideas of the new owners, their projects and how they are thinking of acting.

“I need to hear it directly from them. If I am to put my face, heart and passion into this, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, then I want to do it for a truly serious project.

“I am ready to transform my life. It is not me who sought out Milan, but them who came to me, so I consider it only right that I get the chance to speak to the new owners before making a definitive decision.

“This is an issue of principle and of justice. I read some reports I made elevated financial requests: I have made no requests at all in that sense.

“I read that I set certain conditions: I merely pointed out that if I was to be made technical director, it would be right that I make my own decisions and that includes making my own autonomous mistakes. That does not mean by-passing Fassone’s role.

“It has been said I lack experience. I feel the need to note that I have experience on a technical level, having spent a lifetime with the Milan jersey, which I continue to consider not a second skin, but my one and only skin.

“I want it to be clear, so we can avoid any type of misunderstanding: any decision I make will be solely for the good of Milan. If at the end of the day I should be a part of the new club, it’ll mean that contact with the owners – obviously shared with Fassone – are continual and constructive. Hearing from them every now and then would not be useful.

“If we are to get back to the top, we must do it all together within a shared project. It has also been said that my negative response has already arrived: quite simply, right now, I do not agree with the role that has been offered me. I request respect, the respect that I feel I deserve.”