Saturday February 25 2017
Stadio della Roma still faces hurdles

The Mayor gave the all-clear for the Stadio Della Roma project, but it’s worth noting the arena has many more hurdles to overcome.

Last night Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and the local council finally approved the plans for a purpose-built stadium in the Tor di Valle area.

Almost a year after the project was first proposed to the authorities, it was only given the all-clear after massive cuts, reducing the size of the surface area by half and scrapping three skyscrapers.

President James Pallotta enthusiastically suggested Roma could play their first game in the stadium within three years, but newspapers warn that’s unrealistic.

Today the Codacons – consumer rights protection agency – announced it will lodge an appeal with the TAR tribunal to “ensure the project is truly useful for citizens and doesn’t just represent a gift to constructors.

“What is certain is that the new stadium must be for the fans and club Roma, but in no way will we accept that the ownership of the new arena ends up in the hands of financial institutions with the desire to make money on real estate.

“The Codacons is evaluating whether to appeal to the TAR of Lazio to block the new stadium if there are violations of the rules, situations of conflict damaging to Romans or dangers to the environment.”

Laura Coccia, representative of the Partito Democratico, also warned that “we don’t yet know how much this will cost Rome and Romans. What public works will remain? It looks like we’re going towards the creation of a cathedral in the desert, which is precisely what we were trying to avoid.”

Senator Francesco Giro, representing Forza Italia, believes “it’s an agreement to start the whole process all over again and to build a stadium with a Mayor who will probably no longer be Virginia Raggi.”