Lega Serie D President Cosimo Sibilia says the Coppa Italia format change is missing the point. ‘In other countries the amateurs host the big clubs.’
The 2021 Coppa Italia Final between Juventus and Atalanta will be sponsored by a cryptocurrency platform, with a collection of NFTs released to commemorate it.
The Coppa Italia format will change from next season and the fans react. ‘The romance of the cup is dead’.
The decision to have only Serie A and B clubs in the Coppa Italia infuriated many, raising comparisons with the Super League. ‘It’s an elitist concept of football.’
The Coppa Italia format will change again from next season, with only 40 clubs participating, all of them from Serie A and Serie B.
Lega Serie A President Paolo Dal Pino hopes 20 per cent capacity in the Coppa Italia Final can be ‘a sign of a return towards normality.’
The Coppa Italia Final between Atalanta and Juventus on May 19 will have up to 20 per cent capacity crowd in the stadium.
SportMediaset claims Juventus have decided to re-appoint Massimiliano Allegri, even if Andrea Pirlo was to secure a place in the Champions League.
Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon’s future will be decided after the season and there are reportedly five possible destinations for the veteran.
FIGC President Gabriele Gravina is pushing ahead with Serie A reforms, including Scudetto play-offs and a relegation play-out, while ownership of more than one club will be banned.