Sunday December 5 2010
Rossi: 'Not decisive for Champions'

Delio Rossi tried to take the pressure off Monday night's Napoli-Palermo showdown. “It is not a Champions League play-off.”

The two teams are separated by only one point going into this game and both have the ambition of a top four finish.

“This is not going to be a Champions League play-off,” said the Rosanero Coach.

“It seems exaggerated to talk about that now, when there are still 25 rounds to go. We'll know what happens at the end of the season.”

The Sicilians need a boost after their midweek exit from the Europa League, which saw Javier Pastore sent off.

“He is an intelligent lad and very mature for his age. He regrets what happened, but there's no need for an explanation when you know you're dealing with a responsible person,” argued Rossi.

It also represents the first meeting with former Palermo star Edinson Cavani, who has become a sensation at Napoli.

“I don't think he was any less effective when he was with us. He is confirming his status as an important player who is maturing further. I never had any problems with him and he's tactically versatile.”