Sunday December 5 2010
Di Vaio: 'Here's why we go on strike'

Marco Di Vaio has tried to explain why Serie A players are planning to go on strike next weekend. “We hope to play, but will not be moved on two issues.”

The Players' Association (AIC) has announced a strike for the weekend of December 11 and 12 in protest at the failure to renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement.

“We hope to play, but there are issues to be addressed and we have given in to six out of the eight points disputed by the Lega Serie A,” said the Bologna striker on RAI television.

“We will not be moved on the two issues that are most important right now. Those are our opposition to a forced transfer and the possibility clubs can separate players from their teammates in training.

“On the first issue I believe that it is a problem for the clubs if they buy too many players without first selling others and then end up with squads that are too large.

“The players shouldn't have to pay for the consequences of those decisions, nor be forced into accepting a specific move that the club wants.

“As for the second point, I believe it is outright bullying when players are separated from the rest of their teammates and forced to train on their own. It makes it clear they are not part of the side and have no chance of playing.

“The Lega should think about how to bring families back to the stadium rather than how to take rights away from players.”

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