Thursday September 8 2011
Zeman uncertain doping does not exist

Zdenek Zeman has claimed in an interview this week that he still cannot be certain doping does not exist in the game.

It is just over 13 years ago that Zeman famously declared his suspicions that Juventus were illegally doping their players.

In an interview with L'Espresso magazine, the same magazine that ran that first interview back in 1998, the 64-year-old revealed that his lack of faith in the game remains:

"I hope Calcio is released from doping, but I'm not convinced. If you are doping in other sports, it is not difficult to see that someone is looking for artificial ways to remedy their incapacity. Meritocracy is a slogan.

On the legacy of Calciopoli, Zeman was equally downbeat: "Nothing has changed. The system is sick. There still needs to be innovation to move on from a past that still pollutes the present."

Zeman also hit back at Luciano Moggi's recent outburst: "Moggi said I should shut up because I have not won anything? That person did not explain what methods he used to win."