Friday September 9 2011
Cesena debut artificial pitch

Cesena-Napoli is the first Serie A game to be played on an artificial pitch, but Genoa and Chievo want to follow suit.

Novara's Stadio Piola already had synthetic turf last season in Serie B and the same company has installed a similar playing surface in Cesena's Stadio Manuzzi.

Tomorrow evening the match with Napoli will be a rare occasion for Italian football and an opportunity to test out the new system.

It is already rumoured that Genoa and Chievo could also adopt the synthetic pitch after repeated problems with the weather in recent years.

“It's true we did have a discussion with these clubs,” revealed Maurizio Stroppiana, President of the Mondo artificial turf developers.

“However, it's still a long way off, as the Stadio Luigi Ferraris and Stadio Bentegodi are both owned by the local council, so there are others to talk to before we can make progress.”

The installation of the artificial pitch costs around €500,000 to €700,000.

“The initial expenditure is twice as much as natural grass, but within a few years that money is recouped because it is so much easier to maintain,” added Mondo director Claudio Pavani.

For example, Milan and Inter have to re-lay the entire San Siro pitch every few weeks because the third tier makes it very difficult for the grass to stay healthy.