Tuesday December 7 2010
Report: Crunch talks call off strike?

A crunch summit is close to calling off the players' strike set for this weekend after reportedly axing the ‘forced transfer' issue.

The Players' Association (AIC) announced the strike for the December 11-12 weekend in protest at the failure to negotiate a new collective bargaining contract.

A crisis meeting is currently being held in Rome between AIC President Sergio Campana, Lega Serie A (a union of the top flight clubs) President Maurizio Beretta and FIGC President Giancarlo Abete.

The biggest problems still in the collective bargaining contract are forcing players to accept a transfer to a club they may not want and the issue of making players train away from their teammates if they are in a contract dispute.

Reports started to emerge this afternoon that the forced transfer could be axed from the deal, which is a step forward for the AIC and could prompt the strike to be called off.

The meeting could well keep going for several hours yet and they went in to the FIGC headquarters at 11am UK time.

“We are prepared to negotiate for as long as it takes, even tomorrow and the day after, to stop a strike that nobody likes or needs,” said Lega President Beretta before the meeting started.

“I am optimistic about the way the deals can be negotiated, but we are not here to concede. If someone else were to walk away from the table for no real reason, then it will show they don't want a deal.”

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