Saturday September 17 2011
'New wiretap transforms Calciopoli'

Luciano Moggi claims his lawyers have “uncovered a wiretap that transforms the whole Calciopoli trial. It was specifically to get Juventus out of the way.”

The disgraced former Juventus director general was the main figure in the 2006 scandal that saw the club demoted to Serie B and stripped of two Scudetti.

He is now going through the civil courts over the same allegations and his legal team dug up numerous wiretapped phone calls that were originally ignored by the sporting justice system.

“On Thursday night we uncovered a wiretap that transforms the whole Calciopoli trial,” Moggi told 'Radio Manà Manà.

“I have only now learned to understand football, after all the wiretap transcripts I read. There are things that were as important as they were invisible, which I had been unable to grasp.

“The Calciopoli trial was already compromised, but after reading these latest wiretaps, everything has become clear.”

Moggi is called to testify in the Naples civil trial on September 27 and promises huge revelations.

“That day you will see the truth is the complete opposite of what you have been told up until now. That trial was dreamed up specifically to get Juventus out of the way and push others into the spotlight.”

Moggi's lawyers have already dug up some revolutionary wiretaps from the original 2006 investigation that were either ignored by prosecutors or in some cases not even transcribed.

These included recordings of then-Inter President Giacinto Facchetti speaking to the refereeing designator.

The conversations were considered to violate the article on sporting fraud and the Disciplinary Commission recommended the 2006 Scudetto be stripped from Inter, but the FIGC could not take action because the statute of limitations had already expired.

Juventus are taking the matter to court and UEFA, urging the FIGC to take the title away from Inter and give it back to them along with the 2004-05 edition.