Tuesday December 7 2010
Players' Association hints strike is off

The Serie A strike is set to be called off for this weekend after seven-hour talks. “There will be an official announcement tomorrow.”

The Players' Association (AIC) announced the strike for the December 11-12 weekend in protest at the failure to negotiate a new collective bargaining contract.

A crisis meeting was held in Rome between AIC President Sergio Campana, Lega Serie A (a union of the top flight clubs) President Maurizio Beretta and FIGC President Giancarlo Abete.

“There is a very good chance of calling off the strike,” announced AIC President Campana as he left the meeting.

“We have reached an agreement on six of the points in the collective bargaining contract. The eighth one about forcing transfers to clubs the players do not approve of has been cancelled.

“The seventh point on players training separately from their teammates will be discussed during the campaign, but for the moment it has been shelved.

“Now we will talk to the players and explain what was discussed today. There will be an official announcement tomorrow on what we have decided.”

All signs point to the strike being called off this weekend.

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