Monday September 19 2011
Reja 'will not resign from Lazio'

Edy Reja's agent has denied that the Lazio Coach is set to resign, after his post-match comments suggested an element of ill-feeling with the club's fans.

Marko Naletilic was speaking to Radio Sport Mana Mana to confirm his client's position at the club is in tact, following comments Reja made after the 2-1 defeat to Genoa.

"Reja will not resign. Even if he were to win 6-0 in the next game, there would be things to change. The situation remains the same, Reja does not move from Lazio."

Reja had reacted angrily to the Aquile's fans, after they booed the team at the final whistle, and was quoted in the post-match Press conference as alluding to a poor relationship with the supporters.

"They do nothing but criticise. I'm tired of it and the President knows it.

"At half-time I think that the crowd was largely satisfied as I heard many cheers. Unfortunately, I don't have a good feeling with the fans, this is now ascertained.

"In this climate of distrust it becomes difficult to work. I take responsibility for everything, even more than I should for some things."

The Coach has since looked to explain away the comments as being made in the heat of the moment, with Naletilic now reiterating his 65-year-old client's desire to continue at the club.

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