Monday September 19 2011
Moggi: Conte decisive, Inter confused

Luciano Moggi has offered his thoughts on the latest contrasting coaching situations at Juventus and Inter.

The former Juventus general manager reflected on his old club's start under Antonio Conte, citing the new Coach's influence in their progress.

"Juventus were admirably brilliant against Parma, on the wings of enthusiasm in the new stadium. In Siena, the victory was much more difficult.

"The team certainly did not play a great game and a draw at the end would have been fairer.

"I still think that Juventus is a team discreetly below the level of Milan and Napoli, and if they can play like the others, Inter too.

"However, victories like this that achieved not by playing well can give so much confidence. Conte has brought so much enthusiasm to Juve, thanks to his explosive personality.

"He is decisive, and gave a morale boost to the players at half-time on Sunday."

Moggi also spoke of his view that Luis Enrique was wrong to say Roma played well against Inter on Saturday, in that it suggests the Giallorossi are in for a bad season and criticised Milan for choosing the 'incorrect tactics' against Napoli. However, his most contemptuous view was of old rivals Inter.

"Inter right now has very little, just think how badly they lost to Palermo last week, yet the same Palermo was trimmed by Atalanta in Bergamo this weekend.

"Right now, they are in total confusion, especially their President Massimo Moratti. Gasperini remains in the balance."