Friday September 23 2011
Stadiums to screen Serie A goals

Italian stadiums will show the goals from other games on the giant screens at half-time and full-time from October 2.

The Lega Calcio confirmed the new approach after a meeting of all the Serie A clubs this week.

The stadiums already flash up the scores from other matches as they happen, including the name of the scorer, but are set to progress.

Instead, at half-time and full-time the giant screens in the arenas will show goals from all the other Serie A fixtures.

That is not all, as the screens will show the arrival of the teams at the stadium, footage of the warm-up and clips from their previous games ahead of kick-off.

“We have the possibility of allowing the spectators to fill in waiting time and enrich the spectacle on the field,” said Lega President Maurizio Beretta.

“One day I would like to project the goals that have just been scored, the way they do in a Champions League Final, but in the meantime let us take advantage of what we can already do.”

Showing instant replays of goals and other controversial incidents has proved tricky, as referees are not allowed to use the footage when making decisions.