Thursday September 29 2011
Colomba hits back at Parma's critics

Franco Colomba has defended his team's start to the season, but is aware they need to back up his perceived progression with points.

Parma find themselves in the bottom three after a defeat to Roma last weekend, but Colomba reiterated his belief that the team are improving.

"The game with Roma was one that we predicted. Beyond what they have shown earlier in the season, they have a high technical quality.

"Fighting on the same level was hard, so we created a game where we had to think about when and where we could be aggressive and where we would have to hold back.

"The game went well and had it not been for our two mistakes - one in attack and one in defence - then it could have ended in a draw. I think that across the four matches there has been a gradual growth of the team. Obviously though, not enough.

"We are on track, obviously apart from the results, but in terms of compactness."

The Coach responded to doubts that the team are struggling up front. Daniele Galloppa criticised them last week for being reluctant to attack opponents under Colomba.

"The controversy that you are creating, that we lack offensive spirit in the team, I think these are just words tossed out at an opportune moment in terms of results.

"There is no basis to this. We're playing with the same players and system as last season, and although on paper we are less offensive than other teams, this is the set-up that allowed us to score goals last season."

Colomba then looked ahead to the weekend's fixture against Genoa.

"What will happen I do not know, but certainly in Genoa we will try to produce a team capable of offering a strong performance.

"The guys, like me, are willing to do what is required to record some points. It does not matter as much what playing system we use, but the spirit and desire to do well with each game."