Friday October 28 2011
Enrique-Tassotti to make peace

Roma boss Luis Enrique is ready to accept an apology from Milan's Mauro Tassotti – 17 years after the Italian broke his nose.

Tassotti, now an assistant to Rossoneri boss Massimiliano Allegri, clashed with Luis Enrique during the 1994 World Cup quarter-final when Italy beat Spain.

The then defender elbowed the former midfielder in the face and was subsequently given an eight-match ban by FIFA.

"Seventeen years have passed and that means that we are, unfortunately, 17 years older," Enrique said ahead of the Roma-Milan game on Saturday.

"I have no problems with Tassotti. What happened on the pitch back then ended on the pitch," he continued.

"I know what kind of man Tassotti is, he played with Frank Rijkaard who then went on to boss me.

"I know that he is sorry for what he did and I'll shake his hand."

Tassotti himself has admitted that he's been wanting to apologise in person to Enrique for some time, but would understand if he wasn't forgiven.

"I tried to clear things up with him that time in Washington when we played Barcelona in a friendly, but he was upset at the end of the game and so I couldn't," Tassotti told the Corriere della Sera.

"I understand him and it is his right to not accept my apology. After all, I was the one who was in the wrong…

"If I get the chance to meet him at the Stadio Olimpico then I'll happily try to make peace by saying sorry."

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