Tuesday November 8 2011
Rossi: 'I'll give Fiorentina a soul'

Delio Rossi declares his plans for Fiorentina involve “giving the team a soul, which leads to good football. If I knew what was wrong, I’d be a Saint...”

The former Lazio and Palermo Coach was drafted in on a two-year contract after Sinisa Mihajlovic was sacked on Monday and held his first Press conference this evening.

“What’s wrong with Fiorentina? If I knew what was wrong, I’d be a Saint... Give me time to work with them and find out,” he told journalists.

“My first thoughts go to the Viola directors, who I thank for giving me the opportunity to train such an important squad. I like intriguing challenges and this is certainly one of them. My second thoughts are for Mihajlovic. I know that aside from being sacked, it is annoying to know you didn’t get a chance to finish your work. He will get back on his feet soon enough.”

Rossi had been offered the job at Genoa and reportedly Bologna and Cagliari before finally accepting the Fiorentina bench.

“I was not out of work due to lack of choices, but I know myself and I need that something intuitive to spark before I accept a challenge. When Pantaleo Corvino called me yesterday afternoon, I immediately said I was ready.

“I know there are many expectations and hope to be up to the task. I am a Coach, I cannot make promises other than to give all of myself to take these colours as high as possible. I accept this challenge with great enthusiasm.

“My job is to give this team a soul, which leads to good football. If I don’t achieve that, then there’s no point declaring where I’d like to go with Fiorentina. Objectives must not be declared, but achieved.”

Rossi also faces the Riccardo Montolivo problem, as the former captain has refused to sign a new contract, so will either be sold in January or leave on a free transfer at the end of the season.

“I have read things in the newspapers, but if I based by evaluation on gossip then I wouldn’t be intellectually honest with him. I also do not look at your name, age or number of appearances, as every player starts from scratch with me today.

“Whoever is up to the job will play.”