Sunday November 13 2011
De Laurentiis to buy the San Paolo

Frustrated with the delays and red tape, it’s reported Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis could buy the Stadio San Paolo.

Juventus became the first and only club in Italy to own their arena this season and many more want to follow suit, but are held back by delays in passing the laws to make this easier.

Right now the stadiums are owned and run by the local council, who rent it out to clubs on match day.

De Laurentiis has said many times he would like to build a new stadium elsewhere in Naples or knock down the current venue and begin again.

According to the latest reports, the movie mogul is hatching a plan to buy the San Paolo from the council and revamp it.

“I intend to buy the San Paolo, which is a temple for these fans,” he told L’Espresso.

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