Wednesday November 16 2011
Man City 'respect Napoli'

Manchester City assistant manager Fausto Salsano reveals “we respect Napoli a great deal, while Mario Balotelli will be with us for a long time.”

Next week the two teams will go head to head at the Stadio San Paolo for the Champions League qualifying spot behind Bayern Munich.

“Like Napoli, we will also be sure to focus on our domestic match before thinking of the Champions League,” Salsano told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“We respect Napoli a great deal. I know the San Paolo well and already know what kind of an atmosphere we will find there.”

Salsano is a former Sampdoria player and teammate of Roberto Mancini, so he watched Balotelli’s performances for Italy this week.

“Mario is doing very well, he is an important player for Manchester City and will be with us for a long time.”

There have also been reports of an exchange deal between Ezequiel Lavezzi and Carlos Tevez.

“Tevez is a City player and will remain that way until at least the summer. The problems have been resolved and now he must be at the disposal of the club.

“The Lavezzi swap is all newspaper talk and currently there is absolutely no chance of this going through. However, in future, anything could happen.”

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