Sunday November 27 2011
De Laurentiis reassures Lavezzi

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis tried to calm Ezequiel Lavezzi’s girlfriend, who threatened to leave the city after she was mugged.

Argentine model Yanina Screpante tweeted her anger at the city after her watch was stolen at gunpoint last night, saying she’d leave and take Pocho with her if she came to harm.

It came just days after Marek Hamsik’s pregnant wife was carjacked, but Screpante did later tweet an apology. “I’m sorry to the Neapolitans. I was just letting off steam.”

President De Laurentiis tried to reassure her, although only to a certain degree.

“Naples is no more violent than Milan or Rome, which I would call the real crime capital of Italy,” said the Hollywood mogul.

“Certain comments in the heat of the moment came from the heightened emotion. I would like to tell Yanina that during a recession she shouldn’t go round with a Rolex on her wrist.

“Her scared reaction is justified. Maybe she’s not yet ‘Neapolitan’ enough to deal with this sort of thing.

“Perhaps the girl thought she was untouchable, being Lavezzi’s girlfriend, but that is not the case. In any case, Naples is a marvellous city and the people are generous.”