Tuesday December 14 2010
Cassano lawyers 'perplexed' by Samp

The Antonio Cassano case will be decided “by Friday,” but his lawyers are “perplexed by Sampdoria's confidence.”

A decision from the tribunal was expected yesterday, but the debate continues and could take several days.

“We have not yet decided anything,” said President of the tribunal Paolo Giuggioli. “We listened to all the testimony, but we will make a decision in the next 48 hours or in any case before Monday December 16.”

As the club and player wait on the verdict in this attempt to have Cassano's contract terminated for insubordination, his lawyers speak out.

“We await the decision of the tribunal without leaving statements, but remain perplexed in listening to the comments of the Sampdoria legal team,” said Cassano's lawyer Antonio Conte.

“They made their optimism clear, but Cassano apologised in every possible arena, so we are perplexed over the club's behaviour.

“President Riccardo Garrone wants an exemplary punishment, but it will be the tribunal that makes that decision.”

Garrone requested the contract termination after a furious row with Cassano, who refused to attend an awards ceremony and lost his temper, allegedly hurling abuse at the President.

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