Tuesday December 27 2011
Doni ‘did it only for Atalanta’

Cristiano Doni has reportedly claimed that he only got involved with an illegal betting initiative ‘out of the love for Atalanta’.

Doni was arrested just over a week ago along with 16 other people for their alleged involvement in a betting scam that may have involved the fixing of results in Serie B matches in 2009-10 and 2010-11 and a handful of matches in Serie A from 2010-11.

News agency ANSA are reporting that they have gained access to the official and yet-to-be-released minutes taken from Doni’s two-hour documented meeting with police, a court judge and investigating officials that was held late last week.

In those notes, it is alleged that Doni offers an explanation as to why he became involved with a group that it is alleged carry ties to organised crime syndicates based in Singapore.

“I only joined the illegal betting syndication for the passion that bound me to my team and the hope to help it achieve its objective that season.”

Doni also allegedly confirmed the fixing of a Serie B match between Atalanta and Piacenza, but claimed to have gained nothing financially or directly from ensuring the result.

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