Thursday January 12 2012
Giovinco slams door on Juve

Sebastian Giovinco has slammed the door on a potential January return to Juventus. “One thing is certain: I’m staying at Parma.”

The player is still co-owned by the two clubs and is expected to come back to Turin at the end of the season, but some have suggested an immediate switch.

“Do Juventus want me back right away? One thing is certain: I’m staying at Parma,” Giovinco told Mediaset Premium.

“I chose this club because from the start they showed the most concrete interest in me.”

The Atomic Ant has made no secret of his frustration with the Bianconeri and their refusal to give him much playing time.

“I can only speak well of the Juve fans, as they are the only ones who always supported me and tried to stop me leaving.

“I could’ve learned so much by playing for Juventus alongside champions like Alex Del Piero, but I wasn’t given the chance. They chose another path and now I hope to go along it as far as possible.

“I scored my first Serie A brace against Juventus, so I’m not bothered about facing them. I want to do well against anyone.”

The Italian international also commented on the problems he faced while growing up with a Leo Messi-like stature.

“My height was a regular subject and also the thing that hurt me the most. Over the years, though, I learned to not care and just continue along my path.”