Sunday January 22 2012
Line-ups: Palermo-Genoa

Palermo give Emiliano Viviano his debut in goal, as Genoa go with their Alberto Gilardino-Rodrigo Palacio partnership.

The Sicilians signed half of Viviano’s contract this week from Genoa, who co-owned him with Inter, but he hasn’t featured at all this season due to a devastating knee injury over the summer.

The goalkeeper is thrown straight into the starting XI along with Fabrizio Miccoli, sending fellow January signing Franco Vazquez to the bench, and this week's addition to the squad Massimo Donati.

Genoa have Gilardino and Palacio in attack for the second time after their impressive victory over Udinese, joined by Giuseppe Sculli, who joined this week from Lazio.

Palermo: 1 Viviano; 6 Munoz, 3 Silvestre, 2 Mantovani, 42 Balzaretti; 8 Migliaccio, 23 Donati, 5 Barreto; 27 Ilicic; 19 Budan, 10 Miccoli

Palermo bench: 99 Benussi, 4 Cetto, 13 Aguirregaray, 7 Della Rocca, 14 Bertolo, 17 Vazquez, 51 Pinilla

Genoa: 1 Frey; 20 Mesto, 5 Granqvist, 31 Sampirisi, 24 Moretti; 14 Seymour, 88 Biondini, 11 Jankovic; 81 Sculli, 82 Gilardino, 8 Palacio

Genoa bench: 22 Lupatelli, 36 Meucci, 10 Birsa, 19 Jorquera, 33 Kucka, 2 Pratto, 9 Ze Eduardo