Sunday January 29 2012
Cellino: 'No Nainggolan to Juve'

Cagliari President Massimo Cellino criticised his players after the defeat to Milan, but insists “Radja Nainggolan will not join Juventus.”

It was widely reported this would be the midfielder’s final game for the Sardinians, as he is in advanced negotiations with Juve.

“Last season I had to give them Alessandro Matri because he wanted to leave. Nainggolan wants to stay and I cannot release him, as I haven’t got any replacements. Therefore Nainggolan will not join Juventus,” said the patron.

There is still the possibility the clubs could reach an agreement to make the move in June, though.

Cellino was furious with his team for their 3-0 defeat to Milan, in which they didn’t get a single shot on target.

“We simply didn’t play tonight and I didn’t like it one little bit. It looked like one of those end of season matches where players already have their bags packed for the beach.

“Now the transfer market is coming to a close, so hopefully we can get back to actually playing football.”