Tuesday December 21 2010
Moratti: Benitez 'effectively' Inter boss

“At this moment the manager of Inter is effectively still Rafa Benitez and we won't contact anyone until the situation is clarified,” said Massimo Moratti.

The President held a summit with directors Marco Branca, Rinaldo Ghelfi and Piero Ausilio this evening in Milan.

There are strong reports it was to decide on the future of Benitez, who has effectively set a ‘back me or sack me' ultimatum.

“At this moment the manager of Inter is effectively still Benitez. That is factually correct, if I'm not wrong,” insisted Moratti when leaving his office.

“I read about all these other names in the media, but the club won't contact any other Coach until the situation is clarified.”

Tuttosport and others have suggested that ex-Milan boss Leonardo is lined up to take over.

“Let's not joke around,” he replied. “There was no summit meeting either, as I had other things to do while other people got together.”

It's suggested in the Spanish and Italian media that Benitez is waiting to be fired rather than resign, something that would cost Inter around €8m.